Minimize (loving people and using things)

How sad is it that we can count the number of people we love in this world more easily than we can count the number of useless material items we own? I want to throw everything away that doesn’t matter. I want to hold closely to the things that do, but let those go when it’s their time as well. I want to have the necessities, everything and everyone I need in easy access and the rest of it tucked out of the way. I want to rid the little space I get on this planet of clutter, negativity, excess and vanity, so that all that’s left are the things and memories and people that warm my heart and awaken my soul. I don’t want any pictures of people who used to matter, or notes from anybody I used to love. I don’t want tangled jewelry I’ll never wear or tangled relationships that will never straighten out. I don’t need 25 nail polish colors when I only genuinely like and use three of them and I don’t need 25 toxic fake friends, only the good ones. I don’t need the last two drops of the juicy couture perfume that I wore every day of my miserable junior high existence, the one that smells like social anxiety and unprecedented awkwardness hiding behind thick black eyeliner and just barely masked burned stick straight hair walking through school hallways and shopping malls. I don’t need my 10th grade history notes anymore than I need those senior year love letters. I don’t need the movie ticket from my first ever date(or any other movie for that matter). None of those things matter anymore, even if they used to mean the world. None of those things bring me love or peace or joy and none of them are any use to me, all they do is take up my space. My precious space that I need to grow in and fill with new loves and laughs and the people who are right here right now. I don’t need the sweater in my closet filled with holes just because it used to be my favorite maybe 5 years ago and I don’t need that guy’s phone number collecting dust in my contact list who just incase he texts or calls 5 years down the road to say merry christmas or whatever or decides me misses me (he won’t anyways) (I wouldn’t answer even if he did). I don’t want or need any of it. I don’t want to cling, I want to let go. So throw it out, throw it all out. Anything that no longer serves it’s purpose or emits joy at the mere sight of it. Delete his contact, and his too, delete all of them while you’re at it, anyone who doesn’t make you smile (or at least help you out with school work once in awhile, or might help you get a job, or sell some high quality weed) (that last one is a joke). All the messages too, and pictures, and don’t for a second mistake that for deleting the memories. You’ll remember the important parts, you probably wrote them all down.

Get rid of most everything else though and if it’s especially hard for you to do that, get rid of even more. We hoard things as humans (other humans included). We collect things. We form attachments. We cling. We scream and cry over getting the latest new apple technology for christmas. We fight each other, physically fight, over TVs on Black Friday. We always want more. God are we relentless. We are always trying to get the most. The most followers. Most likes. Most Apple gadgets, makeup, shoes (you name it, we want more of it than someone else might have)We want the most money to get the most of these stupid little things, things that will end up in the trash, or going out of fashion, or never being used or worn in the first place, and ultimately…things we can’t take with us when we die (unless you have an ancient Egyptian tomb filled with all your shit when you go, but even then…) We even want the most “friends”. The most compliments, the most people to tell us we look so “fire” today or that we “slay”. We want the most members of the opposite sex (or same,  however you role, u do u) to like us and find us attractive. It’s apparently a cool thing when a guy hooks up with the most girls, more than all of his fellow misogynistic idiot friends who reek of pizza and beer and bad intentions. (It doesn’t even matter if these girls are the absolute worst). I could go on for the whole rest of the night but I’m exhausted and I think you get my point. People, sex, food, electronics, money, cars (what do you even do with two cars, you literally can only drive one car at a time), etc. etc. etc. We love our things and we want more, we want the most. What about getting the best? what about getting the one or two best things we could ask for and call it a day? What about having the things you need. A car that gets you places, a roof over your head, enough food to keep you full and healthy, a few of the best physical items that you use everyday or that bring you joy. What about having the best friends, the best relationships, the best experiences, the best love. Think about the last time you said “I love___” , was it a person? Or a thing? Then think about which of those is worth more and going to be around longer and help you out when you need it, hug you, talk to you when you’re lonely, make you laugh, care about you, marry you, all that good stuff. Use that answer to determine where your time, thoughts, energy, love, space, should belong to.

Minimize. Live deliberately and intentionally. “Use things and love people because the opposite never works”

-Inspired by the Netflix documentary: Minimalism (go watch that)-


One thought on “Minimize (loving people and using things)

  1. I know I’m your Mom and I’m biased; but I love you, your spirit ,your soul, and your ability to capture your thoughts and you inspire me xoxo


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