Love Trumps Hate (The real winner)

I’m not outwardly political (for good reason) but I am outwardly vocal about important things that I care about, and this election was not simply political. This “Election” was realistically a fight between love and hate. A fight for and against equality, racism, sexism, homophobia, progression and bringing a country together vs. dividing it in half. We are divided. I understand that there were complicated lies and tax plans but the bottom line is so simple, so straight forward and common sense if you value love over hate. The bottom line was that regardless of who lied more in their past, had a better tax plan, had more experience in business or politics and dominated each debate, one of these candidates values love and humanity and the other blatantly does not. I’m sure all of you who voted for Trump had your reasons-because you can’t stand Hilary as a person, because you are rich and would benefit from his economic standpoint, or because you are too privileged and oblivious to comprehend that racism/sexism/heterosexism and overall hatefulness is more than a minor flaw. Maybe it’s because you are some of these things too or more likely than not because you are part of the over 45 year old, white, and uneducated group who made up the vast majority of Trumps support last night and today, or maybe (although I sincerely hope not) it’s because those are your parents and you blindly trust and support their words as fact and truth. Whatever your reasoning and opinions, which we are all entitled to….hate is not an opinion. Equality and human rights are not opinions (global climate change is not an opinion either, but scientific illiteracy is a completely separate rant).

So to all of you in support of this hatred, who value economics more than your minority friends and neighbors, I just have to ask you why? I woke up in utter shock and disbelief today-essentially heartbroken when I learned that there are enough of you out there to cause this to happen…Do you REALLY value money and building a wall to keep people out more than you value the people who are already here? Do you realize that if you support Trump you do NOT support the LGBTQ+ community (yes, that does include your best friend since kindergarten who just so happens to be gay, even if he is “not THAT gay”  “not a faggot” “not like them though”, and you future grandchildren who might feel the same)? You do not support feminism, you do not support the respect and rights of women. If you support trump you do not support me, you do not support your sister or your aunt or your grandmother, any of your little baby neices and cousins who may in their lifetime need access to birth control, abortions, or above all to have their voices heard and to be treated with respect. Worst of all you do not support victims of rape or sexual assault. You do not support the men who support them either. If you support Trump when you do not support your muslim neighbors terrified to wear their hijabs in public and to exist in this country as who they are and what they believe in. You do not support your mentally handicapped family members. You do not support love. I just need to ask you what is more important than that? And if you can explain to me what is more important to you than humanity and love without a guilty conscience, then anything I have to say to you would be a lost cause. I feel so devastated and heartbroken for you, that you can’t see feel and support something so dauntingly human and essential. I am so sorry.

To everyone else, Trump may have accomplished the victory of becoming president, but he did not win. We won as long as we continue to fight for what is so obviously and overwhelmingly right. We won as long as we continue to support each other, regardless of race, culture, sex, gender, or religion. We won as long as we spread love, compassion, and righteousness over hate, every day. We won and we will continue to win because if 18-25 year olds (the entire future of this country) voted, Trump, and all that comes with him, would have lost by a landslide. This means that white supremacy and hatred are not our future, they are not our country. This was a step backwards and only means we need to work harder to keep this fire burning. We can’t stand for this, we can’t settle for this, and we cannot sit back and let this happen while ranting behind computer screens, sobbing, or running away (no matter how nice Canada is looking right now). We need to face this head on and DO things, keep progressing forward under a leader who is undoubtedly trying to move us backwards. “Make America Great Again” is a scam. When was America great? When women couldn’t vote, when POC were enslaved, or when my gay best friends weren’t allowed to get married? Was is during WW 1 or 2? Or way back when columbus decimated an entire nation of native people and started this entire shit storm in the first place? Let’s make America great, period. Greater than it was or is, let’s do better and be better and stand up for what is important. Let’s win with love and win in a way that Trump never could if he tried.

So be angry. Be good and angry and pissed off today and write a rant if you need to, skip a class, be rattled, shook up, and fed up with this insanity. Cry, punch something, shatter a trump pinata, I don’t know… and delete yourself from your family group text, but please don’t stop there. Words are our world and they are important and by all means voice them, voice everything that you feel needs to be said right now (I definitely am), but then please, I beg you, DO SOMETHING. Go volunteer at planned parenthood, show support for the LGBTQ community, do everything Trump would hate and anything that would make an old straight white man angry, and do all things in love. We didn’t lose yet. We have 4 years to make sure this man doesn’t win, that he doesn’t make our home into a terrifying and hateful place that does not feel like home, and that this never happens again. We didn’t lose yet and we do not need to show respect to a man who does not respect us, we do not need to support him, we do not need to tolerate and accept his supporters “opinions” if those opinions are based around hate and injustice. We do not need to accept him as our leader, role model, president. We are winning and we do not need to stop fighting or give up or flee the country, we need to show as much love and support for each other as we can and we need to fight and stay. We need to win, we can never let hate win. Love doesn’t lose.

  • And to Trump, Donald, misogynistic bigot, you do not support me, represent me, or rule me and you you may have accomplished the title  “President of the United States” but you are not my president and never will be. You are not America and you most certainly did not “win”. Love Trumps Hate.

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