WE HAVE THE UNIVERSE INSIDE US AND A WAY WITH WORDS (why we write why we listen and what we are even doing here)

The things we need to say are hardly ever the things that spew out of our mouths in effortless or forced conversation. We hardly ever say them at all. Sometimes we don’t understand what they mean or we assume they are of little importance or maybe we don’t think there’s a person out there who would know what we mean, or agree, or tell us we are on to something big. Maybe they would tell us we are all wrong and are just mumbling messes who should get some more sleep. Those things we don’t say though, I think are where all the answers are. I think they are things that not only deserve to be heard, but need to be heard. I think they are necessary; However silly, nonsensical, or far-fetched. I think we should turn them into songs and scream them from the rooftops that we aren’t suppose to be on, and only get louder when someone shouts for us to come down. I think we should whisper these things to strangers and mail them in letters and paint them on buildings that don’t necessarily belong to us. We should tuck them in corners and in the middle of our favorite chapters of our favorite books, for people to discover right when they need them. We need to trace this stuff in the sand and save it on crumpled receipts and takeout menus, sneak it into term papers and take home exams and carve it into rocks, trees, desks, wet cement and we need to trace it onto the backs of the most beautiful people we know. We need to put everything we think down somewhere and trust that it’s safe and that someone will take it home and take it to heart and tell someone something they were saving for later themselves. We shouldn’t save anything for later. We should scream and cry when we are sad and never sit still. We should spill our hearts over canvases and bleed over keyboards and hang our worries on the walls. We should leave our love around recklessly like clutter around a counter that ends up taking over the entire house, and we shouldn’t be embarrassed when the neighbors stop in unexpectedly and catch a glimpse of it all.

When we’re angry, really good and angry about something that matters, we should shake the walls and when we laugh, when we really laugh, it should be the kind that hurts and brings tears to our eyes and it should shake the world. When should pass out smiles to passing strangers like they are flyers to some big important event, except the event is here and now and already happening and everyone seems to be running late or making other plans. When we care about things, the universe should know it. The things and people and places we care about should know it best. Our compassion and intelligence, talents and deepest darkest secrets, shouldn’t be secrets at all and should  leave everyone we meet with shivers in their souls and fill the holes of their hearts and inspire, instigate change, improve the whole entire world or at least leave it different for us having been there.We should emote love and light but also the dark, mysterious, magical little worlds most people hide behind their brains.

We shouldn’t just be here and sit around and slip out quietly, we should stay and linger and drag our bodies around, like they are leashed to our minds, to everywhere we have ever dreamed of getting to. We should plant everything we think and feel in every empty space and fill them up with whatever we are. We should leave a long trail of something good behind somewhere. We have the universe inside of us and a wonderful way with words and this is why we need to write it all down; All the things we think are pointless or make us seem crazy or might piss someone off, all the things we almost say but shake off or leave in bitter silence on the tips of our tongues, all of the things we want someone else to know about besides ourselves. I think this is why we write why we listen why we create and sing and dance and scream. I think it’s why we watch and listen and fall in love and I think it’s why we are even here at all. We are here to do wonderful things and write it all down and we shouldn’t make it all any more simple or complicated than that. You have the universe inside you and a way with words and the entire world is listening.


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