Whining, ranting, wallowing, when you want to cry for no reason. Thunderstorms, confusion, when you spill a drink all over but its kind of funny, when you cant find your keys. Bullshitting papers, lighting things on fire, horror movies, when you are too buzzed to stop giggling, when your outfit is on point, burned CDs, cigarette daydreams, awesome people who have died young, hospitals. When you get the urge to drop out of college, pills, hurricanes, airplanes, being up really high and feeling like you are going to drop your phone but never do. Stomach aches good and bad, headaches, good morning texts, messing with people, glitter, animal print, pointy high heels. Kesha, crazy outfits, stealing the show, elementary school art teachers, fireworks, summer nights, the fourth of July, star gazing, flowers in a vase, purple. Laughing so hard you snort, peeing in parking lots, crying in the dining hall, therapy. Ouija boards, ghost stories, LOST, the western united states, hot air balloons, dogs in sprinklers, tie dye, popsicles, watermelon, hikes in the summer, sneaking out at night, playing hide and seek, sharing a secret, having a partner in crime, baby animals, waterfalls, sleeping all day, the cacti emoji, ripped tights, kissing four boys in one night, when you have paint all over your hands or mud all over your face, trying again, spontaneity, last minute decisions “This is fine”, comfortable silence, when someone knows you’re having a bad day and bring you ice cream, nose piercing, secrete tattoos, driving with a nostalgia playlist on and all the windows down, sorry cakes, falling asleep on the floor, someone having your back even when you’re wrong, forgiveness, “we boyz”, accidently getting drunk, being late, getting excited about little things, growing as a person, reuniting after months apart. 


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