“You know nothing” “I know everything” “You are wrong” “I am right” …Ok, yes I am completely clueless you are right. You are human too but are all knowing and can do no wrong, got it, noted. You can force your opinions down my throat but I can’t get out three words…I will learn why that is ok once I have lived 30 more years like you! But even then my life won’t be as hard and so I won’t actually get it and will live a pointless life unless I suffer the entire time.

College teaches me nothing and is a waste of time, got it, will totally drop out right now with a year left to go. You have never been to college, asked me anything I learn about day to day, or know any of my professors political beliefs (let alone mine) but yes, they must all be liberal hippies who are straight up dumb, with those dinky doctorate degrees, fuck em right? Easy to get and anyone could do it, the only hard thing in the world is physical labor. You know so much about each of them, have sat through one of my lectures, and experienced being a 20 year old female in 2016, you had me fooled, I’m so sorry.

I am working for the summer, waitressing at a pizza place in the city. I was on my feet for 12 hours yesterday but it’s so easy so I shouldn’t mind. I should live for rude customers and aching legs (which I actually don’t mind too much and never once complained about tonight, mind you). Forgot you have experienced waitressing…my bad. I’m a spoiled and unappreciative brat because I don’t kill myself working three jobs and hating my life instead of studying something I am passionate about. Passion, joy, education and wanting to make a decent living is total bullshit. I have a few days off a week to do whatever I want, and I’m not entirely miserable…might as well be evil, send me straight to hell.

I asked you what you were planning on doing for dinner tonight, because I am so entitled and all. I should be buying all my own groceries for the summer because I eat fruit and don’t like to kill things unnecessarily, ok. That seems fair and logical and just adds to the monstrosity that all the vegans and health conscious must be. It’s so liberal to eat a salad, so gay to turn down a steak…psh straight up homosexual shit, only real men eat hen periods!

Oh and don’t get me started on being anti racist. How dare I think that skin color or religion is not a determining factor for someone’s character and intentions. Obviously all jews are cheap, rap music is for black people, and all Muslims are terrorists, how could I be so stupid?? Please educate me (not at school though). Obviously guns are good and everyone should own one, we are being hunted at all times and should live in fear and fight violence with more violence, that always works and promotes peace and saves lives. People are the problem. If someone really wanted to kill 50 people in 30minutes they could do it with a knife, ever think about that? If you can’t ban cutlery than you can’t ban notoriously deadly automatic weapons, how dare anyone take away my rights to a killing machine, I deserve that, for, you know, protection from all the people capable of pulling off mass murders with cutlery. Pretty obvious. I’m such an airhead for thinking people besides radical islams use guns to kill things, silly me. An easier thing to do than increasing a couple laws and regulations like every other stupid country in the world, that has been around for hundreds of year longer than us with significantly lower mass shootings, would be to build a massive wall. Yes, a wall to keep out all of the useless immigrants who are drastically different than the one’s who brought our own ancestors over here, also seeking refuge. Not even comparable. All hail Trump, he get’s it, and check out his communication skills and trendy hair cut! We should all be more like him and shout our racist, sexist, homophobic, and wrong opinions for all to hear. Freedom of speech baby. (Cling to all the things we wrote hundreds of years ago because they will be relevant forever!!)

I could go on…but might become physically ill first. How could I nod, say “you’re right, I’m sorry”, turn and walk away from all of that and go down without a fight? First of all, I might have said three words at once before being cut off, but besides that. It’s not worth it. Some people are so deep rooted in their opinions that they wouldn’t even hear you if you spoke, so why waste the breath? I walked away from this one (literally) and so many others (figuratively) because my energy is better used elsewhere. Sometimes going down without a fight and letting someone “win” is the toughest battle of all. I’ll fight for love, equality, intelligence, science, facts to the death, but refuse to fight for the sake of fighting. If I have kids they will be horrible? Good to know. If I don’t have kids I will live a lonely miserable life, ok. I forgot every human who isn’t a parent is deeply depressed and unhappy, guess that’s something you just don’t notice at 20 years old. There is so much I could say, I always have too much to say. But this time and so many others, to you and that guy, that girl, those people…I chose to walk away. Let you win. Agree to disagree. Like I “always say”, whatever. I was in tears, not because all millennials are cry baby “pussies” , (pussies, the only things capable of producing human life, that could end our entire species of they chose to, how fitting to compare them to weakness) but out of pure frustration from holding in screams of backlash and facts and not having the time or energy to prove you wrong and talk in nonsensical circles, that’s not fun, effective, or a productive use of time for anyone. Anyways I was in tears, but as superhero, feminist, original badass queen Eleanor R. once said “nobody can make me feel inferior without my consent”, so I whipped those away pretty quick and reminded myself I’m a superhero, feminist, and soon to be badass queen myself.

I am not clueless (except maybe about math). College is not a waste of time (for me). Gun laws are too lenient. Climate change is real. Animal products are bad for you. Donald Trump is bad is bad for you, too. And I am by no means an unappreciative, entitled, brat. I am honestly so sorry that you had a rough time growing up, were not supported and blessed with the opportunity to go to college, and have been brainwashed by fox news. I feel bad and those things aren’t your fault (besides the fox news, come one now), but rise up and move forward and think in a way that’s not solely inspired by hatred and fear, please. Listen to people when they speak. Open your mind. Research the food industry. Talk to people who are different than you. See the other side of the world, or at least look into the way it works. Get a hobby. Try to purchase a gun and see how long (or, mm, potentially short) it takes. Sit with me in one of my college lectures. Visit me at school or at work and see the passion, energy, effort, I put into every single thing I do. Read my writing. Look at my pointless grades. Listen to me, sometimes I know what the fuck I’m talking about. Don’t bother with fighting me though, because the second I shrug and say “ok, you win”, It’s because as far as I am concerned, I have already won and have more productive business to attend to (like my pointless college classes, easy job, secrete writing, and expensive millennial fun that all my money goes to because I’m a huge terrible brat).



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