The worst mass shooting attack in American history happened this morning. I was cuddled up next to a person I care about after a falling asleep to a few beers and movies I couldn’t tell you the plot lines off. People were dying and my biggest concern was that my stomach was growling for granola and coffee. Well, I got my fucking granola and coffee but some mothers will never see their children again. He went to work and I went to starbucks and got more coffee and a heavy heart. Reading through what happened at that club in Orlando gave me chills (the bad kind). Humanity, love, and peace (the only things that truly matter in this world) were attacked and the sun is still shining and life is still going on and people have to go to work today, run errands, wake up and have breakfast.

At first this reality (of life going on) made me angry and heartbroken at the world, and for the world. Heartbroken for the victims, their families, Orlando, America, the human race and the universe in it’s entirety. Angry at gun laws, politicians, Donald Trump, terrorists, and whatever God, higher power, spiritual energy, fate…whatever or whoever you want to call it/him/her… that allowed such a senseless tragedy to occur in our beautiful abundant atmosphere. How can we watch this happen and then go on as active participants in our normal daily life??? And then I realized the more accurate question is; How cant we?

How could we allow some heartless and hate filled humans who will never comprehend the meaning of life and love to ruin our faith in love, life, humanity, the state of this miraculous spinning sphere we get to hang around on?? How could we not say ‘fuck you fucking assholes’ and carry on with our lives fearlessly? How could we sit back and sob (the natural immediate response that is obviously necessary and allowed, for the severe loss and all of those taken far too soon and too senselessly) and not fight back and keep on living and loving without fear. Terrorist acts are evil, hateful, and heart wrenchingly tragic. They emote terror too (that’s the whole point of them). We can be terrified. We can fight hate with more hate. We can hate the entire republican party for supporting the outdated second amendment, clinging to the right to own fire arms. We can hate Donald Trump for his insensitive and vague state regarding this national crisis. We can hate the people who hate a certain type of love, (imagine how insane of a concept that is, imagine hating love, love, the best good thing we get in this life). We can hate people who are so terrified of people who are different that they choose to terrorize them. We can do all of those things, but we shouldn’t.

We shouldn’t fight hate with hate, terror with more terror, anger with more anger, guns with stronger guns, or politicians with politics. We should fight fear with faith. Hate with love. Ignorance with intelligence. Anger with passion. Politics with prayers. Today I saw a tweet that said “Guns are bad and prayers don’t do anything”. I am one of the least religious people you have ever met, and guns are bad, and some people are bad, but some people are good, and for the good and bad alike I will pray all god damn day and night. I’ll pray for the families of these victims, for a better, stronger, country world universe-what have you, for all of us and for everything. (I couldn’t tell you who or what I’m praying to, but that is so besides the point). You can’t change a law or block a bullet with a prayer but a prayer could still save something. A prayer could be the first step to believing, a reminder of faith, an exclamation of love. If you’re praying, that means you are still hoping, and that means no matter how many humans were tragically killed, they haven’t killed the humanity you have left. That means your fear has yet to over take your faith. That means regardless of the vast amount of loss, they haven’t won. That means however bad guns and people and politics are, that you haven’t given them the power into coning you into thinking there isn’t any good left or that good things can still happen everyday or that the world can wake the fuck up, not just on a morning like this, but every morning, and step up and be better.

So this morning instead of feeling guilty and sick about carrying on with your life when so many others can’t, feel brave. This morning carry on and love courageously and keep your faith in humanity. This morning pray and hope for major change and also demand it and act towards it. This morning decide that your intelligence is more powerful than their ignorance, your love is more powerful than their hate, your faith is more powerful than fear, your passion is more powerful than all of the worlds politicians and terrorist organizations combined. This morning, wake the fuck up, and wake up the world.



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