This is when we all decided that life is fucking cute. We forgave and forgot and laughed a lot. We spilled drinks, tripped in heels, and danced on tables. We made it back to Dave’s coffee and day drank and ate a lot of Mexican food. This is when we started doing things “now” instead of later and stopped surrounding ourselves with anyone unaware of the greatness that we are. This was a blur of lavender skies and screaming about the moon with pine grove playing in the background and realizing every single time you breathe it’s a miracle. This was always having a hug when we needed one, melting into bed at the end of the day, and not letting perfect be the enemy of the good. This was stepping up and being scared and doing the scary thing anyways. It was living anyways. This was collecting sea glass and smiling more and being stronger than you think you are and always saying what needs to be said. This was talking to strangers, and trying a million different types of lemonade. This was a back deck of a beach house and it always seemed to be somebody’s birthday. This is when we all realized that bucket lists are more important than resumes. This is when I sat on a roof and my soul caught fire during a freezing April and a certain smile lost it’s charm and there was always a candle lit. It was red wine and byob burgers and starting to feel old.  This is letting go and losing things and getting lost (but the good kind, like wandering around some amazing new place). It’s the end of an era and it’s being full of coffee and tears and not being able to tell if you are stressed out or happy, heart broken or head over heels in love. It’s possibly being all of those things at once and it doesn’t really matter which is which, it’s just the being that matters; being present and alive, here and now, and making note of it. Of sitting down and taking a deep breathe and feeling everything at once, of just feeling utterly alive, and so sure about it, even though you aren’t sure about pretty much anything else. This is pop-punk-spring-time-and-parking-lot-nips becoming my new favorite feeling or season or whatever, and wandering around hazard rock, and constantly jumping up and down, being so happy I started developing dimples. This is an overwhelming breeze and the windows down and hair in your face and everything is right somehow, or moving in the right direction, and you have no idea where you’re going to next and it doesn’t matter at all. This is it. This is all there is and it’s basically impossible and impossibly beautiful and it’s how life’s been lately. Life’s been good.


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