(Things my microbiology professor said that taught me a little about microbiology but a lot about much bigger things)

“So basically there are a TON of people walking around everyday with this terrible shit inside them and they don’t even know it’s there until years later”

“You have to find the source of the problem before you can solve it”

“And little did they know just doing that simple thing would change the world as we know it”

“If you can’t help someone at least don’t hurt them”

“It’s actually amazing that we are all alive still”

“50% of the country doesn’t believe in climate change, we live in a scientifically illiterate world”

“We should all give up and go home and have some wine”

“And some survive by feeding off of others until they kill them”

“Sometimes to get rid of the bad ones you accidently get rid of too many of the good ones too”

“There’s wars happening inside us every second of every single day”

“But there is still SO much we don’t know, we have learned so much and still barely know anything”

“We are always doing everything we can to maintain balance”

“it’s just things building up and then breaking them down over and over”

“Sometimes to help ourselves, we end up attacking ourselves”

“35% doesn’t seem very good but it is a lot better than 0%”

“Weirder things have happened”

“Humans are very good at shooting ourselves in the foot”

“Our tears are a major defense mechanism”

“It makes them vulnerable to be out and exposed like that, but if they weren’t, we wouldn’t be able to SEE ANYTHING”

“The stuff in tears protects us”

“It could happen any second, it’s amazing that it hasn’t happened yet”

“You should all have an emergency plan in place”

“Stock up on cases of water”

“Young people think they are invincible and nothing will happen to them and then you get old and start worrying and don’t sleep as soundly”

“this guy is perfectly happy making your life miserable for a week or two”

“I will grow and grow and grow”

“Some people are especially good at shooting themselves in the foot”

“When in doubt, throw it out”

“It’s capitalism vs. public good”

“I have a lot of hope for you millennials”







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