1. Just spit it out. Yell about it to your pillow or the sky or your cat or tell someone about it who cares and pretends to understand and then tell someone about it who doesn’t care at all but definitely understands and just lay it all out there and let it lie and talk and yell until your rant turns into a ramble and then until there’s nothing left to say
  2. Pretend that it’s all inside that candle and throw it at the wall and watch it shatter into a million little pieces and then leave it for someone else to pick up
  3. Write about it. Type it up with intentions to send it to him or her or them or everybody or anybody and then drag into to the trash can
  4. Cry about it and blame the tears on hormones or allergies or lack of sleep
  5. Go for a run and leave it behind. Just turn away from it and go far and fast and don’t stop until it stops waiting for you to come back, and then come back
  6. Write about it and burn it on a fire on the beach with people who know what it says but not what it means
  7. Sleep on it, wake up, repeat; Until you wake up one day and it’s not there anymore
  8. Walk around with it clenched in your fists until someone tries to hold your hand or you have to pick something else up or subconsciously wave to a friend across the parking lot and it will just fall out all on it’s own
  9. Let go of everything even the things that aren’t that heavy and the heavy thing will probably drop with all it and then just pick up all the light things you dropped (its easier to pick up light things for some reason than to drop the heavy ones)
  10. If you cant let go because you feel like it’s becoming a literal part of you like a tumor or something and you’re scared that if you let go of all the heaviness you’ll let go of yourself too, then let yourself go a little bit or a lot a bit and trust that you’ll get yourself back together after. Get it out of you and off of you and start over, just jump in a lake or off of a boat or into a car with someone who makes you feel lighter or just take a really long hot shower and scrub because skin replaces itself all the time so it will be like the heavy things lingering all over you have even never been a part of you at all and sooner or later you will be back, but the heavy parts wont be.

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