A professor once told us nutrition majors a story about how she was breastfeeding her baby (because breast feeding is so, so, important) while working a full time job (nutrition women are amazing badass super women, generally) and she would race home on lunch breaks to make it work. But so your boobs do this thing where when they fill up with milk, the nipples will start to get sore and tender if a baby doesn’t come latch on and drink it and they will start to leak baby nutrients everywhere whether the baby is around or not so this started happening to her on her way home one day. She was racing home and swerving all around and got pulled over. The cop was like “ma’am you gotta slow the f down” and she just pointed to her soaked shirt and said “I NEED TO FEED MY BABY” so he laughed and switched gears and drove her home with his lights and sirens on so she could. She told us that story and she hysterically laughed and so did we and literally as a class we all realized nothing is worth making a huge fuss over because life happens like that for everyone in one way or another, in smaller or larger scales, and the only thing you should/can do is laugh “or life can really get you down and wear you out” she said and it’s true. Last night and this morning I wore myself out big time and life got me down and I should have been, could have been, laughing about it all and I finally figured that out this afternoon. I went and got coffee (the cure all) and the coffee dudes recognized me (and I feel like that means we are friends, I definitely would do anything for them and I owe my life to the people who keep me over caffeinated you know ?) Anyways, I blasted that song by the weekend that we listened too a lot in the car driving around Hopedale and I realized how very ok life is and how the good parts make it all worth it and how even the bad parts are only as bad as you let them be (besides you know, death of loved ones and natural disasters etc.). So I did all of that and I wrote a note in my phone about things I can do to drag myself out of this funk and just doing that dragged me out of the funk and I somehow got myself all amped up to work. I was so ready to cut pizzas fast enough to destroy any underlying aggression and frustration left in me and then they told me I wasn’t on the schedule to be there and I had to leave hahahah and now I cant go to the beach tomorrow with my family hahahah and I wasted all of today dreading work and showing up at work and walking home in all black in 100 degree weather from work hahahhaa BUT now I have this coming weekend off by some miracle and I’m gonna go SOMEWHERE and do SOMETHING I could care less where or what and I only am working 3 days and now I can have a chill night tonight and write and read and whatever else and you almost just have to laugh at how much today has flip flopped and shifted around. The terribleness after a certain point is just hilarious, like after so much frustration and annoyance there’s nothing left to do but laugh it off and realize life is pointless and so are you and your problems and its FUNNY, hilarious even, and if you focus on the cynicism of that truth, instead of the comedy and relief of how fleeting and insane this life thing is, then you’re doing it all wrong and will end up highly depressed and that wallowing weighing sadness will be for nothing, just the same as everything else is. So laugh.


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