It’s not that hard to lose most people. Sad. Disappointing. Frustrating. But not that hard, at least in hindsight. You eventually move on and get over it. Losing your person is different than that. There’s this old Japanese belief that we all have red strings tied to our hand and someone else’s. No matter how stretched or tangled it gets, it never breaks, and you are bound to that one person forever. Whether things go how they are suppose to (which they rarely do) and you end up with your person or not, you are connected to them forever. The Japanese get it. There’s always one person who is different than the rest. Finding them isn’t the hard the first time, but it is harder the second time, and near impossible the third, as the string gets longer and longer and the tangles turn to knots. Anyways, I just really miss my person and hope someday our string straightens out.


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