I have these certain people in my life and whenever I make plans with them I get this odd sensation in the back of my mind that they wont follow through and I almost expect them to not work out. Like, it’ll be 30 minutes before the said plans are going to happen and I still don’t believe they actually will, I get so sure of it. And then I’m right… they don’t happen. The person stops answering my messages or “something comes up” you know? Then there are these other people and they say they are going to do something and they actually do it, they just do, and he says he is going to come later and so he will come later, later I will see him. I’d say, keep that second set of people around and let the others go, but you don’t have to, they will do that for you.

A THING TO REMEMBER (the thing about___)

Some people call you and you and you just answer on the first ring and say what’s up and think nothing of it, or maybe you even feel irritated if you’re in the middle of something and don’t particularly feel like talking, I don’t know. But then there are those certain people, or that one person, and when you look down see their name on your phone, you start physically shaking and feel sick (the good kind) and it brings your heart to some panicky pace. You  literally jump out of your seat as if it’s the only logical thing to do and you forget how to make words and sounds come out of your mouth in a way that makes sense.

And whether you like it or not those are the people you should do your best to hang on to, he, or she, or they… are the ones you really want.


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