It’s all refreshing reflections, rethinking and reevaluating. It’s realizing and revitalizing. It’s not answering his text about how nice the rain was, and simply enjoying the, oh so “nice” rain, that deserves a much more intellectually stimulating word than “nice”. It’s driving around to the spring sounding Shins, running around a thrift store and running into an all too relevant book. It’s about the Pacific Crest Trail and so was that movie and that picture and it seems like a solution to a multitude of problems. I said June 11th it’ll all make sense, but it’s much more likely that it’ll never make sense and that the closest thing to anything sensical is now, who’s to say it’s not? It hasn’t rained this much in a while, not in all of April or May. Maybe those months were too demanding or questioning, and maybe this oddly rainy June 1st is the answer; to revive and reinvent yourself, rather than reconvene and remember repressed relationships. We all learn about and study rain as a symbol of rebirth and renewal right? but I think people forget that rebirth is an individual thing. Relationships can be rebuilt (I guess) and reevaluated (for sure) but they can never be entirely “reborn”. That is something you have to do on your own. If all of this retrograde and rain taught me anything it would be that.

(JUNE 1 2015)


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