-Waiting for a certain date on which something really exciting will happen (like a camping trip)

-Waiting for a certain date on which something you are dreading will happen (like a dentist appointment)

-Waiting for a certain day on which something may or may not happen (like the date you could potentially get your license on, or could potentially see someone special)

-Waiting for something inevitable and immediate that could and should happen any second (like waiting for the rain to start when the clouds start doing that thing and the sky gets dark)

-Waiting for something to inevitably stop that will happen eventually (like waiting for the stomach ache to stop coming when you hear his name or waiting for the pain of a tattoo to end or waiting for the same rain to stop and clear up)

-Waiting for something mundane but nice (like your dinner later or coffee tomorrow morning)

-Waiting for something big and intangible and far away (like college graduation or your 21st birthday)

-Waiting when years matter (like waiting to be old enough to vote or something or to be done with school forever)

-Waiting when months matter (like waiting for the weather to cool down and for pumpkin spice lattes to be back in season)

-Waiting when weeks matter (like waiting for finals to be over or for spring break)

-Waiting when days matter (like waiting for the weekend)

-Waiting when hours matter (like counting down how much time you have left of your work shift or how much longer you can sleep before you have to wake up)

-Waiting when minutes matter (like waiting outside an office for an appointment or waiting to take something out of the oven)

-Waiting when seconds matter (like when you’re trying to run the fastest mile of your life or trying to microwave something)

-Waiting for something to be over (a school year or a Mercury retrograde)

-Waiting for something to start (a school year or new job)

-Waiting for something physical (like a package in the mail)

-Waiting for something not physical (like to see a smile you miss)

-Waiting to see someone you really like again

-Waiting to see someone you really don’t like again

-Waiting that gets boring but you have to do (like waiting for a train)

-Waiting that drives you insane but you want to do (like waiting for a person)

-Waiting for something that will come at a set time (like the sunset)

-Waiting for something that could come at any time (like a phone call)

-Waiting for something you have no choice but to wait for (like your name to be called in class)

-Waiting that you make a conscious decision to do (like waiting in line)

-Waiting when you know you’re waiting for something but have no idea what it is (like meeting your best friend or figuring out what you’re going to do with your life)

-Waiting for a specific sign (like a literal sign on the highway that says “GO THIS WAY for blank)

-Waiting for something that will come eventually (like Friday, or Christmas)

-Waiting for something that may or may not ever come (like the “right” time, or love, or whatever)


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