I have been thinking really hard about potential lately in attempts to decide if I love it or hate it. I think I love it. It’s the reason nobody really minds the first day of school as much as the rest of the days of school. It’s because before you get there and start doing things and getting assignments and skipping classes and not studying enough, there’s this insane, very believable, potential that it will be a good year, that you stay organized and get good grades and your professors wont be raging bitches and you might meet a cute boy in lab who will do all your homework and kiss your face and the potential of all of that is there until it isn’t, until you go to class and it sucks and you forget to take a couple important notes and your lab partner smells bad and knows even less of what’s going on than you do. But on the first day before you find out all of that, there’s potential for it to still be great and I love that. I love that I could potentially dye my hair any color, that I could cover myself in tattoos, move across the country, get my thoughts published into something potentially beautiful that could potentially be appreciated and potentially make me money. I want to do a lot of these things and I’ll try to turn all of those potentials into realities, why not right? But the truth is they might not happen, life could get in the way, and I could change, everything could change, and things just wont work out. But in the potential all of these things will continue to be possible until they aren’t, the potential will be there until it isn’t, and while it is there, while all of those things could still potentially happen, is a beautiful underrated place. You know when you are talking to someone you really like? For a while maybe a couple months and it’s long enough to know enough about them to like them, but not long enough to really find the things you don’t like or to fight or to come to terms with the complicated and confusing reality of the relationship the two of you have and will have. Well you know that time, I’m sure, where there’s still such an overwhelming magnitude of potentials. You could (potentially) continue talking and getting to know each other and learning the not so good parts of each other and still like each other. You could (potentially) have so many more kisses in so many places on so many more dates. You could (potentially) fall in love and you could, potentially, be together and be happy. There’s always equal potential for things to turn to shit too but all the shit that exists in the potential could be potentially avoided or overcome. There’s potential for everything to work out until it doesn’t work out and I just love those beautiful blissful moments that fall between endless potential and reality, I love the parts of life where everything could (potentially) go right, the parts before things actually go anywhere (right or wrong), the parts that happen before we become aware of harsh or gorgeous realities, and regardless of whatever happens or doesn’t happen, I’m in love the fact that anything (potentially) could.



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