Life seems like a series of To-Do lists and countdowns. It is constantly jotting reminders down, checking things off, scheduling, and planning. It is counting down the hours until a class is over, the minutes until an exam starts. It’s a blur of Monday-Friday’s that make up a blur of months and a blur of semesters. It seems like we always have something to do and somewhere to be and we can’t be late for class, can’t miss that particular party, can’t lose track of those notes or that phone number. It seems like budgeting and applying, agendas and bank accounts. Term bills. Transcripts. Text messages. It seems like endless emails, racing around, and making our next moves. It seems like all of those things, but it’s not. Those things aren’t what life is at all. Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. Life is singing in the car rides home from the gym every night or serenading strangers on particularly sunny Tuesdays, the 2 hour break on Wednesdays when you can catch up on life with a friend, the walk to the party, and the stumbling home. Life is the times when plans went to shit, the rain ruined everything, you missed the bus (or got on the wrong one). It’s all the times you went out for lunches you shouldn’t have been spending your money on, said yes, played hooky to go to the beach, and somehow got all your work done anyways. Life is all the spontaneous choices, split second changes of events, happy accidents, and beautiful mistakes. This semester I accomplished a lot, we all did. We (collectively) made deans list, passed our classes, graduated, got jobs, got in shape, accomplished our goals, maybe found places to live. We checked off so many of those silly little monumental boxes and good for us right? I’m not undermining those boxes at all, each is it’s own tremendous feat. But besides checking the boxes off, taking those steps, getting our ducks in a row (or pretending to at least) and doing what we had to do. We also did what we needed to do. We also fucked up, and tried again. We laughed and cried and danced (some of us more than others) (like me, no regrets). We thought a lot and realized things and learned about each other and ourselves and the world. We did all the challenging things we had to do, but also, and in my opinion much more importantly, we lived. We got places, but we didn’t stay put anywhere for long, life is what happens while we are on the way, while we are getting there, and we are always going.




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