Sunshine Personified

Yesterday was sunflowers, sunshine, streamers, sundresses, and sand after a long dark dreary week. It was waking up after a night out, exhausted, but still laughing about everything that happened and not regretting the lost hours of sleep, or that back deck cigarette, or that 1 shitty beer too many. It was being happy despite your killer hangover, and someone you hardly know buying you a coffee, and not having to put a coat on, on the way out your door. It was new friends and old friends, sharing stories and remembering and celebrating someone you never knew. It was jumping off park benches, and mingling in the very green grass, in front of a very yellow house. It was being told not to study and driving straight to the beach. It was passing by a 50 year old man giving his wife a piggy back ride, kids out playing tennis, and waving to and becoming fleeting friends with cute guys you don’t know on the highway. It was old pop music you liked as a kid, and remembering all the lyrics, and shouting them out the sunroof. It was a sleepy sort of silliness, and soda, and talking about all the important and unimportant things we are all going to do (even if we never actually do them). It was playing, running, jumping, and kart wheeling down the shoreline, like a 5 year old who has never seen the ocean before. It was falling in love with life, and falling asleep on a sheet with a blanket over your head, and not caring that you are covered in sand head to toe, and not knowing what time it is or what tomorrow will hold. It was eating too much fried dough, and getting powered sugar everywhere, and taking pictures of it all. It was stranger’s dogs coming up to you to play, and watching families racing, exploring, and writing their names in the sand. It was the best burrito of your life at a Mexican place you’d never been to before. It was a room full of beautiful people talking about their days and watching 80’s cult movies and your friends head in your lap and everyone sipping their drink of choice. It was saying goodnight to everyone you love, and falling asleep without a worry or care. It was Saturday, serendipity, it was sunshine personified.

(April 12-2015)


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